Virulence pattern and differentiation of asian rice gall midge, Orseolia oryzae (Wood –Mason) population by sequence characterized amplified regions (SCARs)

Biotype identification based on host preferences is a reliable technique, but it has own limitations, as it is sensitive to fluctuating environment factors. Therefore, understanding biotype differentiation in the rice gall midge is important not only for accurate identification but also for design of new strategies for the breeding and management of gall midge resistance.

In the present study, 51 cultivars and 23 differentials were tested against Raipur rice gall midge. The 52 cultivars and 23 differentials, which were tested at field condition, showed that 35 cultivars were free from gall midge attack whereas the 23 differentials, which were tested in glass house condition, showed that 16 differentials were completely free from infestation. Maximum resistant varieties governed by Gm1 and some were governed by combination of resistant genes Gm1+Gm2, Gm1+Gm5, Gm2, Gm1+Gm4, Gm3, Gm4, Gm7, Gm5 and few cultivars possessing these combined resistant genes expressed damage symptoms. The cultivars that were found to be resistance in both field as well as in glasshouse conditions, considered being good resistant donors against biotype1. The study conducted on the virulence attributes of Raipur rice gall midge population revealed that rice gall midge population present in the field was found to be heterogeneous to the extent of 7.8 per cent and suggested that gall midge population at Raipur was not homogenous for biotype1. SCARs were successfully differentiated the rice gall midge biotypes between Chhattisgarh and Northeast regions by showing their biotypes specific bands for biotype 1 and biotype 3, respectively.


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