Small Farm Mechanisation

Small Farm Mechanisation

The term farm mechanisation refers to the use of machinery on farms to replace manual labour. This includes tractors, harvesters, threshers, balers, grain dryers, silos, etc. It is used to describe the process of converting agriculture from a manual labour based industry to a machine based industry.

In order to increase productivity on farms, farmers need to invest in farm machinery. These machines allow farmers to do things faster and better than before.

In a mechanised farm, the ploughing process is done by tractor, sowing and applying fertiliser by the drill, and reaping the threshing by the combined harvest thresher, etc. Therefore, the mechanisation of agriculture involves the use of different types of machinery in farming operations right from ploughing to the marketing of produce. Mechanisation can be either complete or partial. 

All the farming operations are done by machines reducing human labour and displacing animal labour completely then the mechanisation is complete. But when machines are used along with traditional ways in agricultural operation then the mechanisation is partial. In developed countries the supply of labour is scarce so they go for complete mechanisation of farming.

Scope of mechanisation in small farms

The scope of farm mechanisation is very broad in India. 

It includes the use of tractors, harvesters, sprayers, etc., which help farmers to increase crop production. In addition, there is a huge scope of improvement in the quality of agricultural products through the introduction of high yielding varieties of seed, improved irrigation facilities, introduction of high doses of fertilisers and pesticides, introduction of new crops in different regions of the country, multiple cropping systems and intensive cultivation.

Why is Farm Machinery Important to the farmers?

Farm machinery proves to create a crucial impact over the years on the efficiency of good food production. 

Farm machinery & equipment must meet the needs of the farmer. By selecting the appropriate agricultural equipment, farmers may enhance profits, reduce operational expenses & grow more crops.

By introduction of sophisticated equipment the amount of labour required has decreased.

It takes less time to complete the work. Farm equipment helps to raise product quality and increases agricultural & food production.

Types of Farm machinery used for Agriculture

  1. Power Weeder: Power Weeder is one of the types of agricultural equipment or the tool which is popularly used to carry out farm-based activities. Mainly it is used to refill the soil growth by boosting up its fertility.

    A power weeder, sometimes referred to as a rotary tiller, is a type of agricultural implement used to break up soil before planting. This tool consists of a rotating cylinder with sharpened blades on the outside. These blades cut into the soil and loosen it so that seeds can be planted.

  1. Portable power sprayer: With a few features, Portable power sprayer have been introduced to the market. The farmer may easily spray insecticides on the crops in his fields with this sprayer. In addition to this, they can be used to keep the environment clean.

  1. Crop harvester: The tractor crop harvester is a very much liked type of farm equipment created with the purpose of gathering massive amounts of grain. A row of grass can be chopped at a time.

  1. Water pumps: Agriculture water pumps are the most effective machines for irrigation purposes. They play a vital role in agriculture and farming as they pump water from the source to the agricultural field. It can be utilized for many kinds of irrigation, such as drip, sprinkler etc.

    Many types of water pump machines are available in the market. Some include diesel, petrol, kerosene & electrically operated water pump machines. They are chosen by the farmers based on the budget, land size, water source, power sources etc,.


Agriculture Sprayers and Dusters by ASPEE Group Of Companies, India.

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American Spring & Pressing Works Pvt. Ltd. popularly known as ASPEE, a pioneer in the field of agricultural equipment, was established in 1946.


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