Studies on dehydration of mushroom by intermediate tray drying

Studies on dehydration of mushroom by intermediate tray drying

The mushroom (Pleurotus sajor caju) was dehydrated using various pretreatment viz., control, CaCl2 solution, sulphuring and CaCl2 solution + sulphuring intermittently using tray dryer. Three cycles intermittent drying viz., 1:0.5h, 1:1 h and 1.5:1 h for on and off the dryer were used for the dehydration. Two drying temperatures 500C and 600C were used during study.

Effective drying time varied between4 to 5½ h for 500C and 3 to 4½ h for 600C, respectively. Better quality-dehydrated mushroom could be prepared by using intermittent drying technique (1:1). The quality of untreated (control) dehydrated mushroom samples were found better to that of treated in terms of colour, flavour, texture, taste and acceptability.


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