Modification and testing of air sleeve boom sprayer

Modification and testing of air sleeve boom sprayer

Since earliest times improving agricultural yields and food quality has always been the matter of concern to mankind. As a consequence, several new and improved equipments have been introduced in agriculture to increase the yield and to save valuable inputs like high yielding varieties of seeds, fertilizer, pesticides and irrigation. Although, the current pesticide application methods and equipments have improved application accuracy considerably, chemical spray application remains an inefficient operation.

Lower side of leaves is safe for insects to harbour as upper side of leaves is thicker than lower one. So, it is necessary to improve effectiveness of pesticide application. The air sleeve boom sprayer is used to improve the effectiveness of spraying operation. The present air sleeve boom sprayer developed by ARI, Mumbai, has problems such as more power requirement for blower operation and un-uniformity of air velocities at sleeve outlets.

The laboratory test results of blower ‘M.S.’ and blower ‘AI’ showed that the power requirement was less and blower efficiency of blower ‘AI’ was found higher. The laboratory test results of the air velocity trajectories at sleeve outlets with existing blower diffuser and modified blower diffuser showed that the air velocity trajectories with modified blower diffuser are almost even and uniform. The field trial of air sleeve boom sprayers were carried out at ARI, Bhiwali. The sprayer was tested at total nine combination of travel speed (2,3 and 4 km/h) and system pressure (15,20 and 25 kg/cm2 ) in the field. The droplet size distribution analysis showed that the spraying treatment with 3 km/h travel speed and 25 kg/ cm2 system pressure was found best amongst the nine treatments for effective spraying.


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This article is written by Shri. Sonar Dnyaneshwar Jagannath of Dr. Panjabrao Deshmukh Krishi Vidyapeeth, Akola on behalf of ASPEE Agriculture Research and Development Foundation. ASPEE Group of Companies is the leading manufacturer and exporter of Agriculture Sprayers and Dusters


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