Paddy Thresher Features and Working Procedures

Paddy Thresher Features and Working Procedures

Paddy Thresher 

After many years of experience in the field of agricultural machinery, Aspee has developed many excellent agricultural products that are popular. Paddy thresher is one of our products with mature technology. Welcome to your purchase. Wheat thresher machine is mainly used for milling wheat, rice, sorghum, barley, millet and so on. It is efficient and can threshed rice and wheat thoroughly. The thresher has the characteristics of compact structure, beautiful appearance and reliable operation. Characterised by high production rate, good threshing performance and little grain loss etc., it is a good helper for farmers.

Features of Paddy Thresher 

1. Reliable Quality: The machine is distinguished by its compact structure, scientific design and outstanding quality. In addition, it is acid-resistant, rust-proof and moisture-proof. The work is of good quality, each index meets the national specification.

2. Wide Application: It is mainly used for threshing various crops such as rice, wheat, corn, soybeans, barley, sorghum and millet, etc..

3. High Efficiency: This thresher has combined work with separate sieve so that grain, wheat bran and wheat straw are separated and cleaned at the same time. It can threshed different crops with high efficiency, separate the husk and remove dust from the production mix.

4. Cost-saving: The machine has the advantages of high rejection rate and low breakage rate, which shortens the harvesting time and at the same time reduces labor costs.

5. High Security: The motor controller is equipped with over current, overload & short circuit protection.

6. Others: It has advantages like compact structure, easy operating, easy maintenance & high efficiency etc.

Paddy Thresher Structure Features

1. It consists of rack, recessed screen, drum, cover, main fan, second exhaust fan, motor or (diesel), vibrating screen, traction device and so on. Thick working platform makes it safer and more durable.

2. The feeding mouth is much larger, hence it makes feeding easier and more efficient.

3. The bucket is designed with a reasonable tilt to ensure smooth work on the paddy field.

4. Bigger tanks, higher efficiency rollers & more powerful fan devices make a better threshing job.

5. This paddy thresher has 2 rubber rollers. One is a Gear drive and another rigid structure is used, so the machine runs smoothly.

6. The power source is widely available, such as gasoline engine, motor, diesel engine.

Working Procedure of Paddy Thresher 

Operation Principle: When the machine is running, first put the crop into the machine from the feeder. Subsequent harvests will be rubbed, pressed, bumped and shaken by assembling racks & mesh. Then the seeds will be separated from the culm & flow out of the mesh. Finally, the culm will be removed by the centrifugation roller and the threshing is completed.


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