Solar Energy:
Solar Panel Installed at ASPEE Enclave
It's Free...It's Unique
125 KVA

Is God not the ultimate provider and Beneficial. How abundantly has He blessed us. The idea of conservation of Nature thereby eliminating the carbon footprints by adopting natural resources for producing Energy for consumption. We adopted that of SOLAR ENERGY. We are indeed proud to announce that Aspee stands as a testimony supporting the Green Revolution today.


Let us look into the benefits of Solar Energy:

  • Zero Maintenance system which no other technology can offer.
  • Does not need any fuel to operateOnly Sunlight which is practically infinite and free. It has a maximum capacity of 125KVA.
  • It is truly Green in Nature as it do not pollute Nature when producing Energy.
  • Excellent Government Policies and Incentives with Financial Payback.

At the end Aspee would like to end with a simple slogan “Brighten your day with a solar array.”

However, the implementation of Solar energy at our new office became mandatory after conducting the research in this field. The data threw light on the fact that India is facing a power shortage of nearly 50000 Mw. We at “ASPEE “ have adopted corporate and social responsibility towards Nature by utilization of Renewable Energy which is the Prime concern of every Human on this Blue planet.

All around the globe different governments have realized the importance of moving away from Fossil Fuel to clean and green energy in order to provide a safe future for next generations to follow. It is a choice available to one and all right from a small time Farmer in a remote location to the Mega-scale industries. The adoption of solar panels have aided not just environmental benefits but also given impetus to the economical gains to its users.