March 2006

Birth cenetary celebration of Aspee Founder Member Late Shri Lallubhai. M. Patel

Birth cenetary celebration of Aspee Founder Member Late Shri Lallubhai. M. Patel - 23rd March 2006. ( 23-03-1906 - 12-03-1996 )

January 2006

Shri S. L. Patel was awarded ISAE Gold Medal

Shri S. L. Patel was awarded ISAE Gold Medal for the year 2003-2004

November 2005

Participated in International exhibition in Agriculture - Agritechnica-2005

Participated in International exhibition in Agriculture - Agritechnica-2005 held at Hanover in Germany. Mr.Jatin Patel and Mr.Rajeev Patel represented ASPEE Group

October 2005

Memorandum Of Understanding with Nanjing Forestry University

Shri S. L. Patel visited China in October, 2005 and signed Memorandum Of Understanding with Nanjing Forestry University


New Knapsack Sprayers Launched

Aspee-V-2007 an all plastic economical knapsack and AMK/800--Motorised Knapsack sprayers were launched in the market.

2003 November

New Products Launched

ASPEE introduced Avvenger ULV, Eden Parth, Eden Continous, Classic Bolo, Eden Hi-Tech, Parth Fogger and Ed


Three awards as "Farmer Of The Year" awards with one reserved for Women Farmer

Aspee started giving Three awards as "Farmer Of The Year" awards with one award reserved for Women Farmer.


Aspee gave First "Farmer Of The Year" award

Aspee gave First "Farmer Of The Year" award


Silver Jubilee

ASPEE - American Springs and Pressing Works Pvt. Ltd. celebrated Golden Jubilee and Aspee Agro Equipment Pvt. Ltd. Bilimora celebrated Silver Jubilee

March 1996

Memorandum of Understanding

ASPEE Agricultural Research & Development Foundation and the Konkan Krishi Vidyapeeth, Dapoli, signed a Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU), to co-operate and collaborate in the field of Agricultural Education, Research and Extension. ASPEE houses their Research Fellows.They are given guidance at Tansa. Innovative experiments are conducted. Intense Research made. This could easily be the breeding ground of many a future innovation, for a greener, environmental friendly future.

October 1992

Kolkata Branch Moves To New Venue

Kolkata branch office spruce up from 23, Ganesh Chandra Avenue, to 1, Sarojini Naidu Sarani, Calcutta, which is spacious, better locale, attractive complex and has a beautiful showroom.

The recent addition of a Depot is a boon to the Eastern Region. They can draw their urgent requirements from here, getting quicker supplies.

November 1991

International Workshop

ASPEE played host to an International Workshop on small sprayers - standard, safety and future

direction to establish practical and effective solutions to the problems of small sprayers used in Asia. Experts from 11 countries participated in the workshop, which was jointly organized by International Rice Research Institute, Manila and ASPEE Research Institute, Mumbai under the auspices of the Asian Development Bank Technical Assistance Grant Fund. This Workshop gave ASPEE the impetus to become the harbinger of more advanced projects for the betterment of the Indian farmers.

July 1990

Air Assisted Tractamount Sprayer

A request for a sprayer for spraying in Vineyards, came from the Grape Growers of Maharashtra, to save on labour and economise on waste of costly pesticide.

ASPEE experimented, conducted trials on a massive scale and procured success in this project with the help of Nasik grape growers, who gave their valuable suggestions. Being in tune with the locale and crop, their feedback coupled with the technical expertise and innovation mind of Shri. Sharad Patel gave the farmers of Maharashtra a satisfying result - the Air Assisted Tractamount Sprayer. It is now the delight of not only the Grape Growers but also of the Mango Growers, Orchardists, Vegetable Planters and Rubber Growers.

April 1990

The ASPEE College of Forestry & Horticulture, Navsari

The first of its kind in India, yet another service in the field of education. Funds were set up for the college in collaboration with the Gujarat Agril. Unversity, Navsari, to help many eager aspirant to pursue their academics in the field of Forestry & Horticulture. The university promotes, research and extension of education in Agriculture, Animal Science and Allied Sciences. The college has an infra-structure to conduct basic research in the disciplines of Plant Pathology, Soil Science, Entomology, Soil and Water Engineering. Thus, contributing substantially to the economic and ecological prosperity of Gujarat in particular and the country in large.

January 1990

Opening of Delhi Office and Depot

The political turmoil in the Northern region was rampant. The Northern ASPEE 'Fan' faced hardships to obtain ASPEE products. ASPEE went on a massive search to find a strategic location for a new depot. The perfect choice - Azadpur Mandi, Asia's biggest fruit market. A new modernized office was opened at Sasco Bhawan in Azadpur Mandi, within proximity of the Northern farmer and especially beneficial to the Jammu & Kashmir farmer who often visit this market area. The office and godown has proved a boon as it facilitates proximity, availability and after sales services all at one time.

March 1985

ASPEE Turblow Mistblower

The rubber plantations of kerala felt the need for a light weight Mistblower to spray on tall Rubber trees having a height of 75/80ft. ASPEE experimented and came out with its own version of ASPEE Turblow Mistblower, which earned approval of Rubber Research Institute of India in Kottayam, Kerala. A certificate of Merit proves their appreciation.

March 1984

ASPEE Sidflow Power Sprayer

The farmer of Himachal Pradesh was weighed down beneath the weight of the Power Sprayers, that took his breath away on the hilly terrain. He longed for a light weight power sprayer, for spraying on Apple Orchards in the rough slopes of Himachal Pradesh. ASPEE understood his predicament, rose to the occasion and took it up as an challenge. The ASPEE Twin Piston Power Sprayer, popularly known as ASPEE Sidflow Power Sprayer is now a hot favourite as it is light weight & compact, making mobility easier in hilly terrain. The farmer of Himachal Pradesh has now become an ASPEE friend forever.

May 1983

ASPEE Research Institute

To promote agriculture in its modern methods, to research and develop products to suit the need of the farmer, the ASPEE Research Institute was set-up at Bhiwali near Vajreswari in Thane District of Maharashtra State. It was a gesture to repay the debt to the farmer. The institute provides facilities for planned dissemination of knowledge, training in the fields of agriculture, chemicals and pesticides. It also prepares individuals for the future by tackling the acute problems likely to be faced in the years ahead. Research students are encouraged through Training Programmes, Fellowships, Seminars and Lectures, to discover and investigate, to make known the merits of scientific and industrial innovations and to work for a better tommorow, better world and for the benefit of farmer.

May 1982

Navyug Krishi Sadhan Private Limited

In a bid to further production, ASPEE set up a new unit in the heart of picturesque Tansa, where agriculture rubs shoulders with Horticulture. Sister concern Navyug Krishi Sadhan Pvt. Ltd. was added to the ASPEE family. The unit was aimed to bring economy to the farmer. Special attention was given to cut down costs, especially in the ever popular and always in demand, ASPEE Bolo and CDA, so that the farmer would benefit. It focused on cutting cost, prompt supplies and to reach products to every remote corner of the country.

November 1981

The ASPEE College of Nutritional Science and College of Home Science and Food Technology at Sardar Krushinagar (Dhantiwada)

Now renamed, ASPEE College of Home Science, was set up on 17th Nov. 1981, to offer Research Programmes in the field of Nutrition and Extension. The Nutritional Programme tackles the enormous problem of Malnutrition, Immunization, Child Development, Anaemia in pregnancy and other health hazards. The Extension Educational aspect imparts education in Home Science, Prohibition and Family Planning - the scourges of rural India.

September 1978

ASPEE Plant Protection Appliances Private Limited

The need to manufacture spare parts at economic prices was imperative. This lead to the inception of ASPEE Plant Protection Appliances Pvt. Ltd. at Bilimora, with the main objective of manufacturing spare parts for equipment manufactured by American Spring and ASPEE Agro. This would ensure availability of spares, quicker supplies and efficient after sales service. ASPEE Plant Protection Appliances Pvt. Ltd. proved to a boon and soon the sale of spares increased tremendously.

December 1976

ASPEE Multicrop Axial Flow Thresher

Knowing ASPEE's potentiality, International Rice Research Institute, Manila, Philippines who developed an Axial Flow Thresher, offered their know-how to manufacture the threshers in India for the benefit of the farmer. ASPEE's Technical Director, Shri. Sharad Patel and other two engineers went to manila to study the threshers. ASPEE soon launched the first high speed Axial Flow Paddy Thresher, which was subsequently modified. Thresher threshes jowar, bajra, soyabean, sorbhum, wheat and pulses.

October 1973

ASPEE Agriculture Research & Development Foundation

"ASPEE" & the "Farmer" have always been an inextricable part of each other. ASPEE owed much to the farming community who helped catapult it to its present position. Hence, ASPEE felt it a boundant duty to repay this debt to the farmers, to give back something in return for what ASPEE earned through them. This saw the birth of "ASPEE Agril. Research & Development Foundation". It aimed a conducting scientific research for the extension of knowledge in the field of Plant Protection. To encourage excellence in Plant Protection prizes & awards were given to Agriculture Graduates and Progressive Farmers. With a sponsorship of Rupees One Crore contributed by ASPEE, its employees, their distributors and associates, the foundation was set up with the basic intent of encouraging many of the budding Agriculturists of the country to better the standard of Agriculture. In the quest of Mr. L.M. Patel's vision of motivating youth to go back to farming, he instituted scholarships for studies leading to M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees. From the inspection of the Foundation, Junior Fellowships have been awarded for studies leading to M.Sc. and Senior Fellowships for studies leading to Ph.D. have been awarded with Gold Medals to boost sprits of youth. Crop competitions were sponsored for various crops on an All-India basis. Rice, Jowar, Ground-nut and Onion growing competitions were held to encourage farmers to use improved methods of agriculture and produce higher yields and better quality crops. The winners were awarded and were given publicity by publishing their efforts in the form of interesting literature. All this for one basic intent - to promote a Greener, Self-sufficient India.
Some of the Research projects undertaken were,

  • Tur Improvement Swarming Catepillars and False Smut on Rice
  • Influence on the Spraying System of efficiency of Insecticides against Bollworm of Cotton
  • Testing of Air Carrier Spraying System against Hoppers infesting Mangoes in Konkan region
  • Crop loss estimation due to spidermite on cotton
  • Effect of Organic Manure and Green Manure on the performance of Rabi-hot weather Groundnut
  • Biological control of Rhizocionia rot in cotton by Fluorescent Pseudo Moneds

May 1972

ASPEE Agro Equipment Private Limited

A subsidiary company ASPEE Agro Equipment Pvt. Ltd. was set up in Bilimora, launched to assist M/s. American Spring & Pressing Works Ltd. and meet the increasing demands. The cozy little village of Antalia near Bilimora took a new look, a new feel, as the village bubbled with ceaseless activities, since it became a second home for ASPEE. Numerous ancillary units were set-up, which provided opportunities for the ex-employees to run such units were financed by ASPEE.

"Loyalty and Dedication" are the end results of the fruit of their labour.

October 1971


ASPEE celebrates a grand 25 years Silver-Jubilee of service to the Farming community. The guest of honour, Mr. Annasaheb Shinde, the then Union Minister of Agriculture and Mr. Vasantrao Naik, the then Chief Minister of Maharashtra bestowed honour and praise. They spoke in glowing terms of ASPEE's contribution to the betterment of Agriculture in India. The pioneer's vision and his accomplishments. The Variety Entertainment and the feed back from the heavily packed audience was ample proof of success. Yes, it spurred ASPEE on to greater heights. No resting on laurels for ASPEE!

May 1964

The New Showroom

The new showroom was spacious, glamorous, appealing and could display an huge range of ASPEE products to perfection. The ribbon was cut and the showroom was declared open by Mr. Vasantrao Naik, Chief Minister of Maharashtra, who was beamed with delight at the visual treat.

December 1962

ASPEE House Rises Majestically

An total aesthetically pleasing new modern look was given to the factory, with provision of ultra modern machinery and well planned office with newly renovated premises. It was inaugurated by an ASPEE fan, the then Defence Minister, Mr. S. K. Patil.

January 1960

American Spring and Pressing Works Pvt. Ltd.

ASPEE attains a higher status by turning into a Private Limited, headed under the leadership of, Shri. Motibhai Patel as Chairman and Shri. L. M. Patel as Managing Director, with other directors being Mr. B. J. Patel, Mr. J. J. Desai, Mr. D. C. Mistry, Mr. S. L. Patel and Mr. P. I. Patel.

October 1957

First Power Operated Equipment

Keeping with time, ASPEE moves fast and effectively into the Power Operated arena to introduce the first Power Duster & Sprayer and Conventional Sprayers operated by air-cooled engines. Indeed a welcome break.

August 1956

Stirrup Pumps for Malaria Eradication

This huge order was bagged by ASPEE and were produced to perfection to run against the tough competition from American brands.

December 1953

The factory shifts to Malad

Expansion - A sign of growth.

The space limitation at Santacruz necessitated the shifting to a spacious place. The existing factory now stands in Adarsh Housing Society at Malad.

March 1950

The First Export Venture

The Akshat Paddy Weeder and Thersher found its name in the Export market to Ceylon (now known as Sri Lanka) and Nepal. This was sheer adrenalin in the veins of Mr. L.M. Patel. A lift to set his sprits soaring high.

August 1947

The birth of the first Plant Protection Equipment

ASPEE locally manufactured the Orient Hand Rotary Duster, which was soon awarded with a sizeable order placed by the Department of Agriculture, Bombay. Against heavy odds, the order was completed by Shri. L.M. Patel and his technical partner, Shri. D.C. Mistry within 3 days. Working practically round the clock. This boosted their morale in leading a milestone for further progress.