Advantages of an Electric Power Sprayer

Advantages of an Electric Power Sprayer

1. Lower Cost – Electric sprayers are generally simpler, have fewer parts, and are much cheaper than gas-powered sprayers. Typically, the pump and motor are one unit, which is cheaper (compared to gas power) and requires no extra assembly, saving labor and assembly costs.

2. Less Space – Electric power sprayers usually take up less space. The electric pump and engine are usually slightly smaller than the engine and fuel pump assembly. Small footprint has many advantages:

- Ability to use a smaller vehicle. Smaller vehicles typically cost less to purchase and operate. - More space for other equipment and products. For pest control professionals practising IPM, this can be an especially valuable benefit.

3. Less Maintenance – Electric sprayers have fewer moving parts and often have simpler plumbing. This means fewer defects, fewer parts to keep in stock, and easier maintenance.

4. Greener Image – Because they do not use gasoline, the operator can claim to be a greener company that doesn't use gasoline engines.

5. Quieter – The electric motor makes almost no noise unlike a gas-powered sprayer which can be quite noisy. This can allow operators to operate earlier and later in the day without disturbing customers and neighbours.

Different kinds of Sprayers & its uses

Sprayers are equipment used in agriculture to spray liquids such as water, and pesticides in agriculture. They are also used to spray herbicides and fertilisers for agricultural crops.

Agricultural sprayers have components such as a nozzle, liquid reservoir, spray pump, pressure regulator, valves and fluid lines, and some sprayers have a spray gun. These agricultural sprayers come in a variety of sizes, designs and performance. There are small sprayers to very large size sprayers that help cover from small areas to large areas.

There are several sprayers designed for different spraying applications such as horticulture, crops, fruit trees, livestock needs and weed control.

Various types of sprayers suitable for both the small lands to large lands, viz.

  • Knapsack Sprayer

  • Portable Power Sprayer

  • Knapsack Power Sprayer

  • Mist Dust Sprayer

  • HTP Power Sprayers

  • Orchard Sprayers

The knapsack sprayer is convenient for spraying through hand-held nozzles connected to the tank carried by the operator. There are 3 types of knapsack sprayers, namely battery powered, manual and battery cum manual sprayers.

The portable electric sprayers are powered by an electric and gasoline engine using a hose. This is a sprayer without a chemical container, used to spray pesticides, insecticides or liquid chemicals for large areas of land.

The electric sprayer has a motor that works with the help of a gasoline engine, i.e. 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines. It has a separate chemical tank and also has a hand nozzle.

Mist sprayer is a type of electric sprayer used to spray liquid chemicals in the form of mist and urea in the form of granules. Ideal for quick spray operations in orchards, tea, coffee and other crops. It can also spray pesticides in the form of dust powder

HTP power sprayer is a horizontal three piston pump with brass tip mainly used to spray high pressure uniformly all over the work site; it is used for multi purpose like commercial use and agricultural use. Its main advantages are its long service life and efficiency. In this type of sprayers we can also find battery operated, manual and battery cum manual sprayers.

Orchard sprayers are used to spray pesticides, plant growth regulators and foliar nutrients to fruit trees. It is a tractor mounted equipment suitable for large land areas.

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