Paddy Seeds Bank of Maharashtra

Rice is an important commercial food crop of Palghar District during Kharif season. Rice varieties GR-11 and GR-4 are popularly grown by the farmers of this region. Therefore, the Aspee Foundation has made arrangement with the Main Rice Research Station, Navagam, Gujarat State from the year 1983 onward to obtain Foundation seed and a seed production programme is taken up at the Farm.

40 tons
13600 ha
1350 kg per acre
  • By using 20 kg seed foundation prepare rice seed nursery which require to transplant 1 acre area. The Japanese method of rice transplanting were followed on Tansa farm instead of traditional method. In this method 25 days old seedlings transplanted in row at the spacing of 15x20 cm by using 50 meter long string.
  • Each year more than 40 tons of quality seed is produced and distributed among the neighbouring farmers at a cheaper rate. More than 400 farmers are benefited every year.
  • The rice production area of Palghar district was 13600 ha. Out of this Aspee Foundation provided seed to meet the requirements of 800 ha area.
  • The average rice yield of India and Maharashtra was 1040 kg & 804 kg per acre respectively. So Aspee Foundation proudly say that our average rice productivity is 1350 kg per acre which is higher than India and Maharashtra.

This seed production program was also honoured by Prof. V N. Deshpande, Rice breeder from BSKKV, Dapoli who developed first rice hybrid Sahydri. On this occasion we distribute rice seed to farmers by the hands of Prof. V N. Deshpande.