Integrated Nutrient management for mustard (Brassica juncea L.)

Integrated Nutrient management for mustard (Brassica juncea L.)

A field trial was conducted at ASPEE Agricultural Research and Development Foundation, Met/Nare, Dist. Thane (M.S)

The treatments comprised of three fertilizer levels (10t FYM/ ha, 10t FYM + 90:45:45 NPK kg/ha and 10t FYM +60:30:30 NPK kg/ha) and six combinations of biofertilizer levels (control,,Azotobacter inoculation and PSB incoulation) and plant growth regulators (Triacontanol and Brassinolides.

Results of the experiment revealed that all the growth parameters, yield attributes and seed yield increased significantly, with an every increment in the levels of fertilizers. The application of 10t FYM + 90:45:45 NPK kg/ ha was found significantly superior over rest of fertilizer l evels. The quality parameters viz., oil and protein yield and total N, P,K uptake by the mustard crop were also significantly higher under the above mentioned fertilizer level.

As regards the biofertilizers, Azotobacter inoculation was found beneficial by r egistering significantly higher growth and yield parameters over PSB and control. Azotobacter inoculation also gave significantly higher seeds, oil and protein yield. The total N, P, K uptake also higher with Azotobacter inoculation.

Amongst the different plant growth regulators, Triacontanol was found to be significantly superior in enhancing the growth, yield attributes and seed yield as compared to Brassinolides. Similarly, the values of oil and protein yield and total N, P, K accumulation were also higher due to Triacontanol.

Economic analysis of the treatments indicated that the combined application of 10t FYM +90:45:45 NPK kg/ ha to Azotobacter inoculated mustard crop supplied with Brassinolides spray gave the highest B: C ratio of 1.51.


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