ASPEE Activities

The Aspee Group of Companies also contributes towards promoting various social and educational activities.

In addition to this, the Aspee Group and the Aspee Charitable Trust regularly contribute lakhs of rupees towards various rural based programmes through Ram Krishna Mission.

When the Earthquake struck in Kutch , Gujarat , the Foundation contributed its mite towards construction of 34 Schools. The calamities in Latur received similar financial help. The Hurricane which took place in Orissa and Andhra received the helping hand of Aspee Foundation. Aspee’s presence was also feet in the recently Tsunami affected parts of Kerala through Ram Krishna Mission where the task of reconstruction of schools was undertaken.

Aspee never misses any opportunity to serve the Rural Farming community. Indeed, Aspee is a friend of the farmer, the poor, and the underprivileged !

Some of Aspee's activities are given below: