Plant protection equipment use behavior of grapevine growers

Plant protection equipment use behavior of grapevine growers

The study was conducted with 100 respondents in Coimbatore districts. Regarding the type of PPE (Plant Protection equipment) possession, 43 per cent of the grapevine growers had one equipment while 50 and 7 per cent had two and more than two equipments, respectively. Item-wise availability, 70 hand operated sprayers, 209 power operated sprayer cum dusters and 8 hand operated dusters were available at the time of inquiry.

With regard to profile characters of grapevine grower’s majority belonged to low category in grapevine farming experience and fell under high level in the profile of economic motivation and in age group. Majority of them had agriculture as their main occupation. Exactly 80 per cent of the grapevine growers had medium level of knowledge while 27 per cent and 23 per cent had low and high level of knowledge regarding the plant protection equipment stage levels.

Ten constraints reported by the grapevine growers regarding the use and maintenance of PPE, were suggested as well as seven effective suggestions regarding use of PPE were given by the respondents. 


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