Role of Mistblowers in Fast and Efficient Pest Control

Role of Mistblowers in Fast and Efficient Pest Control

For a long time, backpack mist blowers have remained in high demand to treat big outdoor areas in no time. In particular, the product works well to eliminate insecticides in dense foliage areas of your property. Motorized mistblowers & dusters are rapidly becoming efficient tools to perform mosquito control in backyard areas. 


Structure and Components of a Mist Blower 


Motorized mistblowers & dusters comprise two-cycle operated gasoline motors. It has a suction pump to draw spray solutions from approximately 3 gallons of a poly tank within a blower-created air stream. Later, experts will use an application hose to blow the most by using a nozzle at its end.


The handle of the blower has a trigger to control the start and stop. Besides, the blower has a multiple-positioned dosage control to adjust the output volume. Moreover, the droplet sizes of the blower may be anything between 51 microns and 100 microns. 


Mist Blowers Create Barriers to Mosquitoes and Insecticides 


In most cases, Motorized mistblowers & dusters operated by gas to create barriers against residual insecticides and into mosquito's daytime growing areas. Everyone knows that mosquitoes rest during peak hours in the daytime and on vegetation or plants near the ground. 


In this situation, you must use a pesticide sprayer machine to control the insecticides in foliage. Moreover, you must use mist blowers onto the inner areas of leaves, where mosquitoes usually remain present. 


Tips to Make the Most from Mist Blowers 


Identification of the Treatment Sites


To start using a mist blower or any other similar type of pesticide sprayer machineyou must identify the major treatment sites, where pests and mosquitoes often rest and hide. These may be densely populated ground plants, under and in shrubberies, and bushy or small trees. 


Non-foliage, Moist and Shady Areas need Detailed Attention


Before you apply the pesticide sprayer machine, never overlook any type of non-foliage rest sides. These include bay windows, porches, decks, and many other low overhangs. Besides, one should pay more attention to the moist and shady areas often preferred by mosquitoes. 


Keep the Application Low 


Keep the application low, where you find the mosquitoes. Accordingly, you must concentrate on 6 feet to 8 feet of foliage from the level of the ground. You have to follow the directions mentioned in the label to mix and apply your used insecticide. Moreover, Motorized mistblowers & dusterfeature forceful blow action to let the foliage moves easily. In this way, insecticides may enter the interior region of agricultural plants and below the leaves. 




Motor-powered mist blowers control mosquitoes and other pests effectively. They can treat big areas in no time even without the use of any harmful chemical. 



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