Shrinkage behaviour of Onion slice during dehydration

Shrinkage behaviour of Onion slice during dehydration

The experiment to find out the various physical properties and shrinkage behavior with the function of moisture content was conducted.

The variation in bulk density, apparent density, true density, void fraction, internal porosity and total porosity of onion slices was experimentally determined in the range of moisture content 5 to 80% (w.b.) and the thickness 3 to 8 mm. The mathematical equations for each properly correlated moisture content and thickness were also determined.Thermal conductivity, specific heat and thermal diffusivity were decreasing linearly with decreasing moisture content. The effect of slice thickness on thermal properties was observed as non-significant.

The change in volume, thickness and diameter of onion slices during dehydration was studied. It was observed that the percent reduction in diameter and thickness was linearly increasing with decreasing moisture content while the percent reduction in volume was decreasing in curvilinear fashion with the increase in moisture content. Maximum volume shrinkage was observed during the initial stages of dehydration. The mathematical correlation equations to predict reduction in diameter, thickness and volume with the function of moisture content were determined.


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