Design and development of a safety CAB for tractor operators comfort

Design and development of a safety CAB for tractor operators comfort

The important factor influencing the efficiency in the operation of the tractor is the extent to which it has been designed to meet the human capabilities and limitations. Developments and improvements in agricultural machinery and vehicles, especially tractors, have encouraged the provision of cabs in order to improve the operator’s safety, well being and productivity.

With the emphasis on increasing awareness of the potential benefits of ergonomic and economics cab design, a schedule survey was conducted. A low cost safety cab was developed to improve the working efficiency, safety and comfort of the operators who can not afford to buy an external side shades were provided to protect the glass portion from direct solar radiation. Subjective scale was developed and safety cab evaluated for it’s performance on the basis of thermal stress index, subjective assessment, noise level and vibration level. Instrumentation used includes sound level meter, vibration meter, anemometer, digital temperature indicator and dry and wets bulb thermometers.

Dry bulb temperature inside the cab was lowered by 2.34°c (i.e. from 32.20 to 29.86°c) with thermal stress index in between 3 to 4, giving thermal sensation in comfortable zone, during the peak period of the day. The operations transportation, harrowing and ploughing as rated by all the subjects were 2.50, 3.00 and 3.20 respectively, on the subjective scale. Noise level was lowered to 83.86 to 86.33 dBA for all the operations whereas vibration level was found to approach the safe limit only during ploughing. Hence, scope of tractor can can be enhanced by bringing its advantages in the knowledge of the tractor owner as well as operators


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