History of Aspee

The year 1946, an enterprising entrepreneur, Shri. Lallubhai Makanji Patel, ebullient with his ideas, identified the need for Plant Protection. Shri. Patel took over a small workshop under the banner, "American Spring and Pressing Works", retained the same name and began the production of Rotary Dusters in the year 1947.

He went on developing more and more sophisticated Agriculture Sprayers, Dusters and other Appliances needed for agriculture and public health. This he did with the help of its own R&D Department.

Economizing pesticide dose for environmental consideration, reducing drudgery in operation and increasing the efficacy of spray suspensions received uppermost considerations in design and development of spraying appliances. The large array of such appliances developed by M/s American Spring and Pressing Works Ltd. Earned immense popularity among farmers of India throughout the length and breadth of our country with the result that a sapling planted by Shri. L.M. Patel became a full-grown tree in about half a century in his own lifetime.

Shri. L.M. Patel himself being a son of a farmer leading a simple life, always considered his obligation to work for the welfare of farmers from whom he earned. He therefore established the ASPEE Agriculture Research and Development Foundation and ASPEE Research Institute with the funds of Rs.7.90 crores to conduct research in agriculture and agroequipment and extended the technologies to the farming community. The origin, developed and revolutionization of crop protection appliances in India have become synonymous with Shri. L.M. Patel and M/s American Spring and Pressing Works Ltd. So pioneering and rich are the contributions of Late Shri. L.M. Patel to this field that the Annals of Crop Protection Appliances in India would be incomplete without the name Shri. L.M. Patel in red letters.

The ASPEE Group of Companies comprises of: Mumbai. Bilmora, May, 1972 A subsidiary company was launched at Bilimora, a cozy little village of Antalia in Gujarat state to assist M/s. American Spring & Pressing Works Ltd. to meet the increasing demands. Tansa - September, 1978 The need to manufacture Spare Parts at economic prices lead to the inception of this plant at Bilimora. to manufacture spare parts of equipment manufactured by American Spring and Aspee Agro. Tansa - May, 1982 In a bid to further production, Aspee set up this new unit in the heart of picturesque Tansa. The unit aimed to enhance supply of equipment.