Judicious use of organic and inorganic sources of nutrients for sustaining the productivity of cauliflower (Brassica oleracea var. Botrytis)

The print investigation was carried out at Aspee Agricultural Research and Development Foundation Farm. The major treatments comprised of organic manures as main plot treatments and three levels of fertilizer nutrients as sub-plot treatments.

Results revealed that application of Swastik @ 5t/ha recorded maximum plant height, spread, dry matter and longer curd amongst various organic manure’s, while phospocompost @5 t/ha produced maximum diameter of curd. Yield was the highest in Swastik at the same dose. The lowest depletion of nitrogen occurred in Swastik. The combined application of organic manures and fertilizer nutrient could help to reduce the deterioration of soil fertility status and were very much remunerative. Application of Swastik, Phosphocompost, Mahahumas and FYM each @ 5 t/ha showed their superiority and higher net returns when applied with 100 per cent RDF (75:60:60 Kg/ha) as well as 75 per cent recommended dose of fertilizers (56:25:45 Kg/ha) amongst all the organic manures.


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