Studies on in-situ soil moisture conservation techniques in maize under rainfed condition

The investigation was undertaken during kharif season of the year 2003-2004 at the Farm of Department of Agronomy, Dr. Panjabrao Deshmukh Krishi Vidyapeeth,Akola.

The experiment was laid out randomized block design with four replications and eight soil moisture conservation treatments to study their effect on growth, yield attributes and productivity of maize under rainfed condition.

The soil moisture conservation techniques viz., Normal sowing, ridges and furrows, opening of dead furrow, compartmental bunding, paired low system and opening of dead furrow in between wide rows, mulching with organic materials (wheat straw), intercropping with mungbean, sowing across the slope were used for study.

Moisture conservation techniques of ridges and furrows, compartmental bunding and opening of dead furrow significantly increased the plant height, functional leaves, lead area and total dry matter per plant as well as yield contributing characters viz., volume of cob, number of grain per plant, grain yield per plant, test weight, weight of husk per plant and heart weight per plant over the other moisture conservation techniques. The grain and fodder yield was also increased with ridges and furrows and opening of dead furrow over other treatments. The percent increase in grain yield due to these moisture conservation techniques was 31.12 and 42.28 per cent over flat bed.

The soil moisture, water use efficiency were also maximum under ridges and furrows and opening of dead furrow.

N, P and K uptake was also increased with these treatments over other treatments. The energy output, energy input output ratios were more with ridges and furrows and sowing across the slope. The GMR, NMR and B:C ratio were higher in ridges and furrows, opening of dead furrow and sowing across the slope.


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