Refinement of nutrient management techniques for rice fallow blackgram

Field experiment was conducted to fine tune the nutrient management techniques for yield improvement of rice fallow blackgram.

Three fertilizer application practices to the preceeding rice crop and basal application of fertilizer to blackgram of N and P @ 12.5:25 kg ha –1 (prior to harvest of rice crop) formed the main plot treatments and five foliar nutrient sprays constituted the subplot treatments.

In general, all the growth and yield parameters and yield were significantly influenced when foliar spray of 2% DAP + 1% KCI was given at flowering and pod filling stages of crop growth. Interaction between fertilizer application and foliar spray was significant for DMP, yield parameters, grain and haulm yields.

Basal application of N and P fertilizer @ 12.5:25 kg ha –1 along with foliar spray of 2% DAP +1% KCI twice at flowering and pod filling stages of crop growth recorded higher gross returns, net returns and benefit cost ratio.

In nut shell, considering the overall performance of the crop in terms of yield and economics the study has clearly indicated that basal application of N and P fertilizer along with the foliar spray of 2% DAP +1% KCI twice at flowering and pod fillings stages of crop growth would be an ideal nutrient management technique for rice fallow blackgram.


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