Studies on maturity indices and some aspects of post harvest handling and processing of Banana (Musa paradisia L.) cv. Basarai

From the results of the investigation, it could be concluded that weight, volume, length, breadth, circumference specific gravity and angularity could be considered as the physical indices of maturity in banana fruits.

The weight of fruits could be considered as basis for growing of banana fruits. Further a harvest wrapping the fruits in polythene bag 100 gauge with ventilation could delay the ripening and increase their shelf life.

During storage, PH and sugar increased till the end of storage period.The moisture, acidity and ascorbic acid decreased continuously from beginning of storage period conditions. The fruits stored under cold storage could delay ripening increase half life and avoid shriveling acid spoilage.

The product such as chips, flour, jam, fig, puree, Ice-cream, and fruit bar could be successfully from banana.


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