Suitable for row & ground crops like cotton, soyabean, vegetables, tea & coffee plantations, orchards & tall trees

Forced air cooled 31 cc petrol engine with reciprocating type metal pump & gear box mounted on frame, 15 meters delivery hose, 3 meters suction with bypass hose & coupling.

• Economic for spraying costly pesticides
• Efficient in fuel consumption 100 minutes per liter
• Develops up to 400 psi pressure
• Spray gun supplied with sprayer
• Supplied with 31 cc engine
• Engine fitted with recoil starter for easy starting
• Highly mobile single S.S. piston pump developing maximum 400 psi

Model: UM002B/4S
Engine type: 4–Stroke, forced air cooled petrol engine
Displacement: 31 cc
Net power output: 1.0 HP (.75 kw) @ 6,500 rpm
Net torque: 1.10 Nm @ 6,500 rpm
Carburetor: Ruixing Diaphragm-type tuning Carburetor
Ignition system: Transistorized magneto
Starting system: Recoil starter
Fuel tank capacity: 800 ml
Pump type: Positive displacement reciprocating brass metal pump (Single piston double acting)
Suction / discharge capacity at no load: 10 to 11 ltr/min
Normal working pressure: 100 – 200 psi
Maximum pressure: 400 psi
Weight: 9 kg

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