ASPEE Tea Plucker (TLPO/1M/25)

ASPEE Tea Plucker (TLPO/1M/25)

Suitable for harvesting tea leaves

ASPEE TEA PLUCKER is an ideal partner for prunning the tea leaves. ASPEE TEA PLUCKER is being preferred by the farmers as the most durable, efficient, & labour saving pruning equipment. It is designed for use under the least favorable conditions. The equipment is equipped two stroke engine, cutting blade assembly with handle and a bag for leaves collection.

  • One man operated light weight and noiseless plucker
  • Provided with bag for leaves collection
  • Cost effective, labour and time saving equipment
  • Powerful engine produces high torque for better field performance
  • Increase in productivity upto ve times compared to manual plucking

Engine Type: 2 stroke
Displacement (cc): 25.6
Engine Power Hp / kw@rpm: 1 / 0.72@7000
Fuel Tank Capacity (Ltr): 0.5
Oil Tank Capacity (Ltr): 0.09
No. of blade teeth: 33
Working width (mm): 570
L x W x H (mm (approx)): 940 x 228 x 152
Net weight (Kg (approx)): 4.5

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