Suitable for mechanised operations such as weeding, tilling and soil preperation in agricultural and horticultural crops and plantations

ASPEE POWER WEEDER (RT/DE135)  with diesel engine is equipped with four stroke 418 cc Diesel Engine. Sturdy carbon steel blades for tilling purpose, adjustable handle bars for up-down & 360° adjustments. 

  • Effectively uproots weeds and gives effective tilling
  • Cost effective, labour and time saving equipment
  • Powerful high performance engine for effective operations
  • Ergonomic, anti-vibration design that reduces operator fatigue

Engine type: 4 stroke diesel engine
Displacement (cc): 418
Engine power Hp / kw@rpm: 8.5 / 6.3@3600
Transmission: -
Speed: 2 Forward, 1 Reverse
Fuel tank capacity (ltr): 3.5
Oil tank capacity (ltr): 3.5
No. of blades: 32 pcs, 8 set
Tilling width (mm): 600-1000
L x W x H (mm (approx)): 965 x 559 x 762
Net weight (Kg (approx)): 135