Ideal for private bungalows/beach house / housing societies / apartments/farm house/poultry farms/green house. Best suits for a clean & mosquito free environment to control diseases like malaria, filaria, dengue, brain fever, chikungunia

ASPEE Duo fogger is a thermal fogging machine. Two separate S.S. water tank and chemical/Diesel tanks are provided. Water tank is provided with hand pump for supplying pressurized air which sends chemical or water through valve, to the coil via two way cut-off valves. Water tank & chemical/Diesel tank are joined together and develop even pressure in each tank. Gas Lighter is provided to ignite the LPG Gas through burner. Burner flame is controlled by flow control knob above LPG cylinder

  • Totally silent and trouble free machine
  • Effective continuous fogging operation
  • Dual use as effective steam spraying and fog
  • Maintenance free
  • Coil can be cleaned with built in water Sprayer will be replaced with system hence eliminating carbon deposition in the coil
  • ·       Model: FOG/002

    ·        Starting mechanism : Gas Lighter is provided with machine

    ·        Pumping mechanism: Hand pump, 10 psi pressure in 25 strokes

    ·        Fuel: LPG gas container, (butane gas / lighter gas cylinder 275 gms / 500 ml)

    ·        Fuel consumption: 1 – 1.5 hours per container approx..

    ·        Chemical consumption: 4 ltr / hr

    ·        Chemical tank: 1.5 ltr - S. S.

    ·        Water tank: 1.5 ltr - S. S. (only water or water + chemical)

    ·        Weight: 3.8 kg (empty) approx..