Suitable for spraying in spot application costly pesticides in Farms, Nursery, Shade Nets & Green House

Aspee Avvenger sprayer electrically operated ultra low volume sprayer producing droplet/mist in the range of 5-50 microns. The sprayer consists of heavy duty blower assembly, nozzle assembly, nozzle housing, formulation tank capacity 4 Ltrs. and a SS Chrome plating brass metering valve

  • HDPE Blow moulded 4 Lit. tank
  • Easy to handle, trouble free
  • Effective coverage with less spray solution
  • Light weight & portable
  • Adjustable output from 0 to 13 lit. per hour
  • No visible trace of spray solutions resulting in clean environment

Discharge: 0 to 13 litre
Spray particle size: 5 - 50 microns
Voltage: 230 v/ 50 Hz
Motor rating: 1100 w / single phase
Motor rpm: 20,000
Cable required: 3 core Flexible (40x36 20amp)
Area of Coverage: 2500 m 2 / hour
Weight Kg (approx) ): 5.75

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