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Suitable for spraying in agricultural crops, horticulture crops, high rise plantation and coffee & tea plantation

DIAPHRAGM PUMP (AR/503/SP) is a product having compact size which is ideal for suspension with water soluble powder. It is equipped with 3 diaphragms which has maximum capacity of 550 psi that makes it easy to use and service.

  • Compact Size
  • Ideal or suspension with water soluble powder
  • Oil bath for frictionless movement
  • Synthetic diaphragms for long life
  • Easy to use and service

No of Diaphragm: 3
Pump Revolution (rpm): 550
Suction Capacity: 54
Max pressure (psi): 580
Power Required (Hp): 5.6
Dimension (mm): 372 x 274 x 294
Net Weight (approx kg): 11.5

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