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Ideal all-purpose sprayer suitable for both small & large scale spraying on field crops in orchards, coffee plantations

ASPEE MARUTI is a foot operated sprayer suitable for both small and large spraying operation on crops, in orchards and plantations. The parts are made from industrial quality brass hot stamping. The sprayer is having two discharge outlets and it develops sufficient pressure to operate with two discharge line. The equipment is supplied with 8m. long delivery hose and 2 meter long suction hose with strainer. The sprayer is less in weight and easy to move. Conforming to IS specification and with ISI mark.

  • Provided with 2 metre long suction hose with strainer
  • Provided with 8 metre long delivery hose
  • Develops sufficient pressure to operate with 2 discharge lines with 30 meter length of hose
  • Suitable for spraying with hyjet spray gun or bamboo lance on tall trees
  • Sturdy construction
  • Model: MRI/8
  • Normal working pressure: 600 kpa or 6 bar
  • L x W x H (in mm): 185 x 445 x 985
  • Weight (without discharge line): 8.2 kg (approx

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