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Suitable for row & ground crops like cotton, soyabean, vegetables, tea & coffee plantations, orchards & tall trees.

ASPEE ASP-767A (UM002B-D) has the best Engine type which is 2 stroke petrol. It has been built using engine fitted with recoil starter for easy starting which produces high torque for better field operation.

  • Efficient in fuel consumption 100 minutes per liter
  • Spray lance & spray gun supplied with sprayer
  • Engine fitted with recoil starter for easy starting
  • Engine produces high torque for better field operation
  • RuiXing diaphragm type tuning carburator
  • Efficient port configuration and large diameter valves maximize power output

Engine Type: 2-stroke petrol
Displacement (cc): 25.6
Engine Power Hp / kw@rpm: 1 / 0.75@5000
Net Torque (Nm@rpm): 1.05@5000
Normal working pressure (psi): 100 - 200
Max Working Pressure (psi): 400
Discharge (Lpm): 10 - 11
Fuel Tank Capacity (ltr): 0.500
Oil Tank Capacity (ltr): NA
Net weight (Kg (approx) ): 6

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